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Trimmed Bush

I sculpt air molecules via stringed instruments as well as sculpt digitized samples of sounds from musical instruments such as a french horn, a set of conga drums, a grand piano, etc. I also do work with the deformed minds of jazz musicians. I sometimes work at creating images via oils on canvass that many people think : "That man is insane...guy is fuckin' nuts..He's on mescaline...His brain is fried..he needs a haircut, etc., etc., etc....."


Bush Trims Education

Trimmed Bush

Most of the time I like time to slowly pass by, relaxing as much as possible and I'm excellent at putting things off until tomorrow. Procrastination is my middle name. I learned the concept of "manana" while I lived in old Mexico. Essentially it means there is nothing on the face of this earth that can't be put off tomorrow. It's a nice way to conduct your life.

There is one caveat, and that's education. It's very important to get as much education as possible. If your folks are at the poverty level, the kids have to get loans and grants which are crucial for advanced education. If your kids aren't college type, get a solid Vo-Tech degree. If you can get into a state college, that's cool. You MUST get outta high school. You won't make it with out skills equal to those of the youth of emerging nations.

This comes at a time when tuitions and fees are soaring. According to an article on MSN, private college costs have risen by over 1/3 in the last 10 years. Public college costs have risen more than 50%. States are slashing public subsidies to colleges, forcing them to raise tuitions and fees. The result is to price college out of the reach of more and more American families. That will make us a future pitifully skilled workforce.

The good union jobs in industry that paid wages, pensions and health care are all but gone. It translates into the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, but at the same time our leaders tell us that college is indispensable, fewer and fewer families can afford it.

Now that a public four year degree costs more than $50,000, middle income citizens must either inundate themselves with debt, or scale back their college aspirations. Our leaders should be calling out to the nation to a major effort to ensure that college education is affordable to all.

Well, they have been. Remember Hillary and her education efforts, and Babs Bush touting the same? The wealthy should pay higher taxes to ensure that the youth of all Americans can afford the education that they will need for high tech jobs, as well as being just literate. They can spread their multi-millions around a little. As to being just literate on a literature level, I wish there were more liberal arts majors in our three branches of government. Law is not that hard to interpret once you learn to speak into legalese. We need arts and science majors in our lawmaking process as well.

Instead, the Bush administration demanded cuts in student loans, and the right-wing that controls the Congress voted for the largest cut ever in history. Republican legislators have been on TV bullshitting to the public saying the cuts will provide “significant new benefits” to students, by lowering fees and simplifying the application process.

What they don’t say is that parents and students, already struggling to make ends meet, will end up paying thousands more in the long run with higher interest rates.
Educating the next generation hopefully will be a REAL issue this next election. I mean, it's always mentioned, and championed by both parties, but nothing happens other than things get worse. Come back FDR, come back before Jesus. He seemed to do more for us than Jesus ever did.



Trimmed Bush

I was nursing a hangover on Saturday and came across the weirdest shit ever.

To me funk music has had a major impact on my life, regarding my aesthetic, my whole being, and yes I do believe music is spiritual. Listen to some old Gap Band, James Brown, Johnny Guitar Watson, Tower of Power, you get the score. That stuff will move you.

But now they are trying to fuse funk to ice skating? Leave it to some pussy band promoter to hook up with ice skaters from who the hell knows where and then let's get, uh.. Earth Wind and Fire ?

I mean, there is art in both of them(funk and ice skating), yet they are so removed, they are art forms not needing not to be meshed, that got meshed. They just don't mesh.

Funk is really nothing but "old school' for us hippies and dreads who dug all the groovy bass lines of Low Rider by War, and just about all early seventies Stevie Wonder.

Throw Dorothy Hamill and Katarina Witt into the bowl and what you have is a very awkward television special. Dorothy doing all her graceful moves while Maurice Williams on the end of the ice rink blowing his horn like a mo'fo'. I was glad to have a hangover due to the confusion that this was causing within the neutrinos of my innermost brainwaves.

Then came the explosion that caused me to gulp three more aspirin down my gullet. The President of this here United States of America says he can wiretap any damn citizen he fancies, and to add injury to insult, he said he needed no other permission from ANYONE to do so.

I'm not a constitutional lawyer, yet I know that this mo'fo' just TRAMPLED THE FUCK outta the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I feel it. It's so abusive that it's heartbreaking. Just as bothersome is it really didn't cause much of an uproar to the general public. Can a president really just randomly wiretap with no check so to balance that bit of awesome power?

Apparently it sure didn't take Bunnypants very long before he decided to trample on a law that was on the books that forbade this sort of behaviour. In 2002, with no one looking, he snapped his grubby little digits and issued a Secret Executive Order (it's sorta like "Double Secret Probation" in the movie Animal House ) to allow the NSA to eavesdrop without a warrant on any and all phone conversations, e-mail and other electronic communications without a warrant. For no reason at all, folks. Fuck the legality of the matter.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds a little fascistic, but then it gets worse. It turns out the New York Times sat on this story for a very long time. Secret Executive Orders should immediately be reported by the press, right? That's like throwing the whole fucking Constitution, the Bill of Rights, wham, right out the window. Seems to me that's quite a story, yet they held on to it for over a year. So much for the Times.

Well, there's still the internet for news. It's pitiful only one medium has the truth within, but that's the way cookies crumble when people vote into office ex-cheerleader frat boys with old coke spoons that used to drive their cars right into rows of hedges. I'm sure Bush thought at that point, sitting there drunk in his wrecked car: "This hedge should not have been here. I say so! DADDY!!!!!!!!!! Uncle Dick!!!! Get me outta jail then Kill These Hedges!!!!!!!"


Pervasive Leakage

Trimmed Bush

Do you want to hear a good one (pitiful as it is...)? "Pervasive Leakage" is how a former U.S. official termed as to what is happening to the oil gushing from Iraq's oil wells. Folks, those sons of bitches (the Iraqis) are so fucking lucky to have that much of a world needed natural resource below their ground that it would translate into the quadrillions of U.S. currency. Pervasive leakage is what Scott McCllelan has drooling out of that lying pie-hole he has. Here's another word for pervasive leakage: War profiteering, which, I think, is not good.

Frank Willis, a former "senior American official in Iraq" (whatever the hell that title is), said the United States failed to safeguard the oil money known as the Development Fund for Iraq. "There was, in my mind, pervasive leakage in assets of Iraq, and to some extent, those assets were squandered," said Willis.

Willis ran Iraq’s Transportation Ministry. He says government agencies and private contractors had to be paid in cash because Iraq’s banking system was decimated. Can you believe Halliburton getting cash under the table? Is that money taxable? Of course not.

Another quote from Mr. Willis: "A lot of money did get to the Iraqi people at the grass-roots level, and a lot of it got into the wrong hands.".

One photograph shows Willis and some cohort sleazebags paying $2 million some funky security contractor. These are his exact words: "It was time for payment," he said. "We told them to come in and bring in a bag. It reminded me of the Wild West."

What in the fuck is going on over there? Who's paying who? They have computers that will zone in on about fifty square feet with a "smart bomb" but they can't keep track of a 2 million dollar payment, and payment for what? I mean Jeezuz Christ Almighty, people? How bad does this get? They're throwing two million dollars in sacks likes it's monopoly money!

Iraq’s U.S. administrator (whatever the fuck THAT title means), Paul Bremer, pledged last year to hire a certified public accounting firm to get things in order. But the United States gave the contract not to an accounting firm but to a tiny consulting company called Northstar. NBC News reported that the firm is headquartered at a private home near San Diego.

Bremer severely violated several rules. The consulting firm didn't meet even the part where they had to be Certified Public Accountants. NBC also said $8.8 billion dollars in oil money was handed to the Iraq's Oil Ministry but was faulted for " inadequate stewardship".

Pervasive Leakage is something I hope Donald Rumsfeld has in older age in the form of diarrhea. "Inadequate Stewardship" is something I hope Fat Ass Cheney suffers on a shuttle flight while on a Halliburton outing to the Alaskan Wilderness. In the mean time, we're getting our fudge packed to put it mildly.


Military as Backdrop

Trimmed Bush

Our current president is such a pussy that he can't recite a speech with an audience of a random gathering of U.S. citizens, or as he views us, denizens of the deep. He has to have the military(in one form or another) to use as his non-resentful backdrop with every recitation he makes these days, or he knows he'll be in deep shit.

The general public is way too pissed off at Dubya for him to give a speech , oh, say at a shopping mall . There would be hecklers which would throw Dubya off while he was reading from the teleprompter. Not only might he get confused, we all know now Dubya, to a pathological degree, does not like to be contradicted. He might have to think on his feet which always makes the man uncomfortable. I relish the debates with John Kerry when Dubya's debating style was so rehearsed it was rather embarrasing for the whole crowd.

People want out of the Iraq quagmire with our men dying daily. Our men are given eight weeks of intensive training, then they are shipped off to defend Iraqis against themselves. Some reports say only SEVEN HUNDRED Iraqis are capable to defend themselves against the local militias. Are the Iraqis that inept at soldiering? Why don't they get eight weeks of boot camp and then bam, you're a defender of all the psycho-chietains in the region.

I don't think they are inept. I think they're pussies that won't defend their own homeland. There are too many Iraqis fearful of reprisal after we leave. They don't want to get caught with their pants down after some local chieftain comes in and starts beheading people in the street. They're covering their asses while we send our troops on dangerous missions trying to sniff out the insurgency. That's not we went there for. We went to depose Saddam and get those weapons of mass destruction (supposedly). Now we're nothing but sitting ducks while the Iraqi young men wait to see which side of the fence they want to be on when the civil war commencesy grow up, I mean, c'mon.

I think it's critical that when Dubya says victory in Iraq, that he knows, as everyone else does, what will be BEST CASE SCENARIO: Civil War. The United States had a god awful civil war after we defeated Britain. We easily could have split into two entirely separate countries, we damn near did. With Texas being so independent, we might have been three or four countries. Before Texas joined the U.S., they stipulated they could withdraw from the Union anytime they voted to do so. That remains in their constitution with the federal government.

Our president is so vain he won't even admit that huge mistakes were made in this invasion. Bush 41 outclasses his son ten-fold, by later admitting during the Clinton reign that he should have gone beyond U.N. sanctions and killed Hussein. I hope when the 43 Bush's presidential library is made, it doesn't distort reality to the point of discombobulity. Can you imagine what it will be like? Going down the list of his suck-ups of a cabinet who could not even begin to negate anything about his war, and his being led by the big chain of Big Dick Cheney.

The country is realizing we're not sacrificing our brave men for the sole purpose of baby-sitting. Maybe a Democratic contender will fess up and admit civil war is inevitable. I say we pull out, let the civil war run it's course, if the leader that emerges from the civil war turns out to be a insane megalomaniac, we go back in and Shock and Awe the fuck out of them one more time. We'll eventually get some guy who has some morals. Maybe we''ll decimate the whole fucking region, then let it take its own course. That might be a sane thing to do geopolitically, which means we'll never do it. Well, the only flip-side of this fucking deadly game is the Iraqi civil war will get so bloody , the Turks come in and assume reposnsibility for the goddammed entire region.


My Butthole Has that Damned Bird Flu

Trimmed Bush

There was an Orange Alert from Homeland Security the night before, so I went to bed feelin' sorta peaceful color code-wise from the government (I have me a poster above my bed to tell me how afraid we should be from them Muslims by lookin' at the color, then saying my prayers accordingly), but the damned parked trailer two lots down blew up like a gas tank, and all they was doin' was cooking up some meth.

The local elementary school bus driver, Jimmy, was pushin' that shit to the fifth and sixth graders. Damned ole Jimmy, he's good people but don't know dick 'bout them chemicals. He did some kind of drug there in Baghdad when he was stationed over there last year and I don't think he's been the same since. But he voted for Bush, and he wants to stay the course, like our president, so he's good people.

Don't know nothing 'bout that cristil meth but it smelt bad when the east wind got strong and Jimmy had some good lookers "bout thirty years old in that there second trailer of his, shit...If they was using meth, they didn't look no skankier than truck drivin' hoes.

After that trailer blew, there was men in space suits who got most of us out of the trailer park. I mean, shit, it was like 2:00a.m., don't know what the hell Jimmy was even doin' up at that hour till his house blew up. He got his hair all singed off, but they took him away in a cop car so I guess he was goin' to jail so he'll have three squares of course. But I had a route startin' at seven a.m. and keepin' me pressed for two days. They say that drug meth is a trucker drug, but the fellas I know buy the Ritalin from all these hyperactive elementary kids. All that Ritalin is is a fancy name for dexedrine, which we been doin' for fifty years.

Wonder what it is with all this cristal meth and their politics. They keep tellin' me we gotta stay the course with the Republicans. Thought this place used to be mainly Democrats till the sand niggers blew us up. I thought about doin' this meth but i get tested driving the truck so I keep sayin' no, but one of these days I'll get tanked up on whiskey or tequila and I bet i do some.

Some of them meth women of Jimmy's look old, but they sure got them skinny bodies us truckers like. One lady was forty but she said she was twenty nine. That don't figure. But ole Jim don't seem to mind the pock marks lotsa women he hangs out with. He told me he had sex for 48 hours one time on that drug. Shit, after 'bout twenty minutes with my ole lady,. I usually tell her, that's it, bitch. 48 hours? When would a fella do for 48 hours cept sleep for a week.

If I was wumpin' some ass with extra stuffin, I still would make me a 4 hour limit followed by a Budweiser, but I don't know if Bud goes with meth, like I never liked Bud and chocolate cake. But we're gonna stay the course. That's the mantra there on our CB. Stay the course no matter what or how long it takes. Jimmy might be goin' to prison, tho, don't know yet. I'm gonna stay the course with my president, tho.


Will Bush Fuck His Mother?

Trimmed Bush

Everyone talks about Oedipus Rex, Oedipus Rex, Oedipus Rex. Do they know Oedipus fucked the queen, his mother, so he would become king? Does that mean Bush is or going to become a motherfucker in the true sense of the word? In the non-literal, he's the biggest motherfucker, or should qualify that to say dumbest motherfucker of a president I can think of.

I don't see where it would make a helluva of a lot of difference if he fucked his own mother or not, due to all the innocent blood and horror the man has on his hands. Geez, what's a little pedophilia(or whatever the fuck it is when you fuck your own mommy) now that you've killed so many thousands of innocent babies and children and men and women..God help his soul.

Even the moderate Republicans are jumping the Bush ship when it comes to staying the course, whatever the hell that course was. What was the line from the freshman Repugnicunt who said only Marines stay,cowards run, as if she knew what a battlefield was like? Murtha even excused her by his utmost class and patriotism by saying sometimes freshman Repugnicunts use harher rhetoric than they should.

There are so many issues of impeachable and prosecutable offenses right now we could keep prosecutors busy well into the next presdential term. Let's get on with that. Let's listen to a wise man like Murtha.
Murtha HAS seen the battlefield, he goes to Walter Reid on a regular basis to see the men with no eyes, no legs, no arms. He knows more about the sheer horror of battle than most people ever will.

And he wants our boys (and girls) home, with all limbs intact. He sees the futility of a civil war resulting from this goddammed fiasco at the best. Are there going to be less or more terrorists if we stick around for another year? There will be more and more and more. They view us as taking on the reponsibility of protecting them, meanwhile hal of them are strapping themselves up for the trip to Allah. The failure of Bush's idiotic mind has come to fruition. Think of these men when you sit down for Thanksgiving. They'll be eating out of cans.


Who in the Hell Will Teach the Ethics Course?

Trimmed Bush

This past week, the White House announced they were going to promulgate a "mandatory, and yes you will be graded" Ethics 101. Godalmighty. That's a class that was taught to us teenagers by Ms. Taliaferro in our eight grade class, the crux of the biscuit was, people need to play fair during their time in public office or private industry, or private lives for that matter.

Why should the administration do it now? The Bunnypants' organization has done so pitifully wrong on every issue, they need to start back to remedial understanding of what is right and what is wrong. They have woefully flunked this agenda. They need to go back to kindergarten Sunday School for chrissakes.

An administration should not lie to the Republic they represent in order to avenge their father's failure. It should not play out a sick version of Oedpus Rex with young men and women's lives. It should not play with human lives due to negligence neither, nor flat out lies.

Who is going to teach this Ethics 101? Scooter Libby is disqualified due to his recent indictment to the United States Vs. Libby. Our Vice President is way too close to Scooter Boy, it would be somewhat of a conflict of interest. We all know the President can't teach it because of his inability to spell ethics. He keeps spelling "ethos", which is really not the same (you must give him partial credit, he's only one vowel off). Karl Rove is disqualified due to his pudgy face and arrogance, which does not bode well with the people they serve. Furthermore, he is closely associated with this CIA leak/cover up, and he may be indicted as Scooter wises up and doesn't become the sole fall guy for the whole fucking mess.

Harriet Miers' name has been tossed around for being the ethics teacher, but what if a bully like Cheney disagreed that it was NOT unethical to give out all these no-bid contracts to his former company Halliburton, which also got a sweet contract cleaning up after the Katrina tragedy. Cheney might say "fuck you" to Ms. Miers like he did awhile back to those reporters who were shouting questions he didn't like regarding Iraq. Would Harriet have the authority to send him to the principal's office? And who gets to be the principal?

Condoleeza Rice was a former professor, so she has the resume for sure, but did she not lie directly to the United States saying they had irrefutable evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction? Back in the day ( a phrase them youngsters are using for us geezers), like,about a year ago, Condi was defending Big Poppa Dick and his relationship with Halliburton. She's too intelligent NOT to know something BE FUNKY 'round that Oval Office, so she can't teach the course.

With the exception of a few hummers in the Oval Office chair, Bill Clinton would be an ideal teacher for this group who are enrolled. He had an excellent economy, a surplus of money that Bunnypants blew in a couple of years, excellent foreign relations, he damn near got the Israel-Palestinian issue resolved,
he saved a marriage that was teetering, he raised a nice lady named Chelsea, he loves his dog named Buddy, he does unto others as you would like them to do unto you, I mean, that man could teach the course if he'd keep his fucking paws off the student assistants.

Read the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Bang. There. You have what ethics should be. Then one must face reality and fuck with your opponents and do unto others BEFORE they fuck you in your ass and make every fucking piece of your existence a living hell every day and keep them on the run. Some dude (Joe Wilson) wrote a report saying no yellow cake was purchased from Niger by Iraq? Huh? Then let's out his covert spy wife (Valerie) and make his life miserable, goddammit!!Do it NOW!!!! Poor Scooter having to do Poppa Dick's dirty work. What a pitiful bunch of morons.


Bird Flu My Ass

Trimmed Bush

Wow, Bunnypants is making headlines these days trying to scare the fuck out of his homeland by diverting attention away from his hideous pick for the Supreme Court ( Samuel Alito) as well as trying to take the heat off of Dickface Cheney and his little Scooter.

Can you, should you, and/or do you, really trust this motherfucker anymore? C'mon, really. The week after his White House is infected with the Indictment Flu, to contain it, he goes out to the National Institute of Health organization to say we're all in for a deadly winter due to those fucking birds and their viruses. He's diverting attention away from failure, ladies and gentleman. Wait until people start to freeze due to outrageous gas prices while Bunnypants' cronies are soaking in the Carribbean with all their money. He's gonna have to dance ultrafast for that one.

Does Bunnypants not owe you anything? Not even an apology, that his administration has been part of outing a covert spy, and the special prosecutor failed to get the right guy, but after further testimony maybe the Real Truth might come to the surface?

What WE KNOW to Be Lies or Highly Suspect:

1. RE: Safe haven for the bin Laden family and their safe departure to Saudi Arabia the day AFTER 9/11
2. RE: His pitiful performance of acting calm the morning of 9/11
3. RE: Stepping to the plate after 9/11
4: RE: His true relationship to Dickface Cheney
5. His illegally making our women and men in the armed forces die needlessly.

I don't have enough space to even scratch the surface of the corruption, so go watch Fahrenheit 9/11 for a primer and/or refresher.

One has to give the guy an A plus for arrogance. Can you imagine playing with the entire universe, as far as mankind knows, for a living? Waking up to the entire world as you and your father act out some hideously portrayed characters in Oedipus Rex? No thanks.

This man justifies any other man earning a strictly liberal arts degree by proxy. To fully understand Bunnypants, I feel that one has to at the very least have Psych 101, and Philosophy 302 would be helpful. His ego was such that he must start a war to one "upsmanship" his father. He's trying to finish what Daddy started with the lives of young men and women. What an incredibly self-inflated self-ego.

Is it me? I don't think so. The latest polls are showing an approximately 70 percent DISAPPROVAL RATING.
Maybe all the folks and hyperlinks into outerspace at Bartcop, and all the others who have been crying foul for years upon years, are being vindicated as the truth unfolds. Big Dick Cheney and Bunnyboy are the bad guys. War. They sure as hell got they wanted, and then some.

If this article is accurate, that means our prez is one sick motherfucker. The red states are slowly turning blue, which is a good thing.. Blue is my favorite color. Hoo-Rah.


Blackout Pact

Trimmed Bush

As I cruise the dregs of Napster and Rhapsody, Inc., I find the most interesting bands to be some that remind me of the hardcore punk that I dismissed as a young man in the seventies.

Trying not to sound like Hank Hill from The King of the Hill, something just ain't right with these youngsters, and I love it. I like this shit, i.e. music from the band Blackout Pact, more than I did in the seventies. This would be due to the fact I was trying to learn improvisation over bebop chord changes, which, musically, always remains a challenge. Three chord changes played at fulltilt volume didn't interest me musically. If I wanted somewhat of anarchy relating to music, all I had to do was put on Ornette Coleman, who blows me away each time I listen to the guy.

Anything, anywhere, anytime, for no reason at all. AAAFNRAA. It was an aesthetic concocted by Uncle Frank Zappa that I always felt I could identify with. He succesfully and wholeheartedly grasped this aesthetic to employ over the course of his career, sadly shortened by cancer. However, he celebrated life utilizing this aesthetic, resulting in seventy-five + albums, each with a touch of musical genius, some entirely pure genius. What a noble way to live.

Then I wretchedly peruse the front pages, landmarking the death of 200o troops over in Iraq, and I try to figure the aesthetic of a mind like George W.'s. It's unfathomable to compare or contrast these two individuals, however one must come to grips with the fact this man gained the trust of a majority of voters in our free country. He won the second battle, even after he displayed four years of the illegal idiocy we now wallow in daily.

It would follow this country must have an aesthetic, reflected by the society as well as the leaders they choose to rule them. Nobody's dog was shot voting for men like Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld. So what can be made of a free society that puts into office thugs like Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bunnypants? It's one I still choose to live in, so I can't bitch too much. But do these men remain noble as they lean toward a fascist society?

Yet artists and writers and poets could never get into office, not with the way society is currently focused. All important is TV image these days. Poofter hair with perfect white teeth is the norm for senators. I saw three men whom I have utmost respect for their intellectual prowess on C-Span 2. These men were on television for the sole purpose of satirizing the current administration. They were Kurt Vonnegut, Paul Krassner, Art Buchwald and another man I was not familiar with. But all of these men were not very "presentable", politically speaking. Vonnegut with his long wispy hair, sort of like Albert Einstein's hair. Paul Krassner, the original yippie, with his "Fuck Bush" t-shirt, and Buchwald's wide eyes staring into space, all were amusing in their own way.

They were quite the lot, but their collective wisdom superceded that of the current administration's wisdom by tenfold. Vonnegut served this country surviving the bombing of Dresden, Germany in World War Two. Krassner served his country as a radical in the sixties, coining the phrase "yippie", as well as helping end the Viet Nam War through constant hounding of the then-corrupt administration of Richard Milhaus Nixon. Buchwald has been a columnist/author since god knows when, possibly the advent of the typewriter.

And these men, their wisdom, their wit, their raw no bullshit allowed intelligence, dismissed due to deliverance of their speeches, tonal inflections, long hair, and t-shirts. Relegated to C-Span 2 instead of prime time, no measurable audience reported by Nielsen saw these men.

I saw Prince Charles, heir to the Brish throne, say he was the laughing stock of Great Britain due to his organic farming and speeches about throwaway societies, a mere 20 years ago. Now these subjects are relatively mainstream. Yet he was on target regarding throwaway societies. Think about forethought on our chosen leader's agenda in comparison to their vested business interests via the Carlyle Group and Halliburton. Think about their records in regards to the arts, the environment, and war. Then think how you voted, and how you WILL vote next election. It makes a difference, folks.

Back to the dregs of Napster and Rhapsody.com, and forward to throwaway societies mentioned by Prince Charles. The anarchy these guys have been singing about for the past twenty years may be closer than I thought. No one will serve a country or a war that is based on lies. No one will behave laws that are made by the richest one percent of people trying to control the other 99 per cent. Wait till the white man frat-boy becomes the minority. I think there will be a severe backlash that could result in anarchism, yet since chaos is the way of nature, maybe it should be for mankind as well. It's time for cold beer, yippy!!


Getting Crunched By Big Dick, Pt.II

Trimmed Bush

With Scooter libby about ready to give up the goods on his boss, Big Dick, and I have the flu this week, I thought it prime time to re-visit an article of mine written back in February, entitled:

Getting Crunched by Big Dick

Big Dick Cheney lied about why we went after Saddam Hussein. That's a fact. If he gets away with it, that will be a shame. The cost of the Iraqi election was immense in regards to primarily the dead and wounded soldiers who fought there, secondary the gullible majority of voters that put him in charge for four more years.

Republicans always talk about less government, which would ultimately lead to libertarianism, however none of the Republicans truly believe in liberty. New agencies have beeen popping up like daisies since 9-11. Many of these agencies functions include limiting freedoms which have nothing to do regarding terrorism, whose powers inlude wire-tapping, questionable due process and other basic issues dating back to the drafting of our Constitution. They border more on limitations of reason, science, individualism and liberty in a host of a variety of ways.

When Bunnypants channels Big Dick through undeniable mind control coupled with a "can do no wrong" daddy image Big Dick projects to George W., these individual liberties being enabled by the government to be invasive to the society at large are said by Bunnyboy to be good. How do they pull off this hat trick?

It's simple, something that Big Dick passed along to Bunnypants. Money. Money will buy clouds to cloak any wrongdoings this administration is getting away with. Moral pundits espousing moral values, like William Bennett and his gambling addiction, Rush Limbaugh and his narcotics addiction, Newt Gingrich whose sexual appetite superceded care of his dying wife, the purchase of the highly unambigous views of Armstrong Williams, and most ironically, Lynne Vincent Cheney's book "Telling the Truth" clouds lies that are really affecting our society.

George W. was born into money. Cheney went into politics right out of college into another truly bankrupt of morality administration, the occupation of the Oval Office by the Nixon sons-of-bitches. He made the right contacts and made a lot of money in business. He served in some capacity in four administrations since and gained a reputation as a no nonsense force difficult to be reckoned with, just right for a pussy like Drunken George Cokehead Bush Sniffer.

Along with Rumsfeld, these guys have gotten away with lies that make Nixon's idiotic break-in of Watergate and the subsequent cover-up and downfall of that administration look like a parking ticket as opposed to murder. I keep wondering if they will get away with their fuck-ups and lies like Reagan did with the Iran-Contra affair. Maybe so. History will tell. Meanwhile, America has chosen to be crunched by Big Dick .


Smelly Democracies Don't Exist

Trimmed Bush

Let's get to the meat of the matter regarding this sham of an election in Iraq, that essentially says let's vote for this constitution that we'll change come December. I heard it passed. So what. Was that election just for entertainment purposes? Was it to show the U.S. that Iraq's inevitable war against the insurgents, essentially a civil war, will be postponed till the new year?

America has to figure out that these guys smell. They emit odors that are offensive, and democracy, or republicanism to be more accurate, hasn't existed in countries that stink. India is possibly an exception. They have cowshit in the streets. So that would definitely smell. But can you thnk of another industrialized republic? I'll bet not.

This is due to the fact that hygeine, God, apple pie and the American way go hand in hand with soap, preferably anti-bacterial soap. Soap isn't a greatly needed product on the African continent, as well as the Middle East. They bathe about once a week, even when they have soap.

I lived in a college dormitory when one of the princes of Iran ( the folks against the Shah) was going to school in Norman, Oklahoma at the University of Oklahoma. This guy was a really nice guy, lived about three doors down from my dorm room, but you could smell him from the hallway about eight doors down. The guy's name was Ali, and he was fascinated with western music of which I had a huge collection of jazz, so we became friends, and he took up percussion.

Percussion might be the worst group of instruments for a man who doesn't bathe due to the amount of perspiration it makes one profuse. Perspiration incremented by non-bathing caused a mini-revolt one night when several guys were in my room getting drunk on beer when Ali decided to come over. Some of the more drunk guys in the party told Ali how bad he stunk, there was no reason for it and they threw him in the shower and forcefully scrubbed him down. He didn't think it was all that funny, told the resident assistant, who reported on us and we all got reprimanded.

The reprimand, the party, the shower, those things are all interconnected to the real problem of Ali not bathing. When he was getting the involuntary scrubdown, he shouted the reason he bathed once a week was to preserve water. Well, Norman has plenty of water so that argumentwasn't too strong of an argument. He was taught not to bathe more than once a week.

Now place yourself into a republic, where senators are sitting around doing nothing, and representatives are sitting around doing nothing, other than perspiring. These men need to be reasonably clean so they can sit together for long periods of time doing nothing. Think about it. The Greeks and their bath houses. George Washington and the Washington D.C. bath houses. They stimulate the sweat glands so they don't smell when they put on their robes and suits. That way they can do nothing for literally hours at a time at their constituents expense, making shit up how to rule lives.

It ain't gonna work in the Middle East cause they have no bath houses, nor do they bathe every day, nor every week. So there you have the reason, the most basic reason, to pull out of this stinking fucking war. The Middle East stinks. Africa is no peach either.


It's Not Time For More Stupidity

Trimmed Bush

I get some really cool e-mails from people who like my site, more so my ideas I put on my site. It's gratifying, however, I know we're just a bunch of people who want to work and write as they would write sans governmental restrictions, as we do, so it kind of makes this digital underground magazine way cool.

So what do we write? We write different than your local hometown paper, which is probably owned by a chain of motherfuckers who think totalitarian mind control is within their reach, causing the rich to get richer and poor get poorer. Since you are now at a computer, after you read Marty's E-Page, go google Rupert Murdoch and read about the number of media outlets that man has a reign on, and see why the media is the way it is.
Go to your editorials of the Sunday paper this weekend (October 8/October 9) and I imagine you are going to see a majority of editorialists wanting the confirmation of Harriet Miers, Bunnypants' choice as the "most qualified legal mind" he has at his disposal.

That's as big a lie as the one that got us into the War in Iraq, and the death toll, should Miers reverse Roe vs. Wade, will be as great, no, greater, than the War in Iraq due to abortions with clothes hangers performed by men who call themselves doctors and don't give a fuck about health or well-being of the pregnant woman. Folks, the reversal of any law isn't going to stop abortion. Women who think they have no hope for their fetuses are the ones who opt for abortion, and they will continue to do so because done in a professinal caring way, the procedure can be quick and painless. Stick a wire up in the canal, get hold of the bloody string, and pulling out the fetus can be a whole other ball game. Women die.

The evangelical fundamentalists who don't care about what happens to the child after it's born, maybe they should be forced to see a back alley abortion where the mother goes bye-bye from this planet. Maybe they should watch films about unwanted children and the oh so happy lives they live.

Now, when you read or see on television that your president just nominated a woman who had a religious experience awhile back similar to his, and that she will vote to reverse Roe vs. Wade even though "to his recollection' have never talked about the issue, you must think about death in the fashion of living human beings dying. Put aside the debate about when "life" begins, and think about how real death is. It seems death is a concept that slips right by Bunnypant's conceptual ability.

He has been the direct cause of thousands of deaths during his presidency. The War in Iraq turned out to be unnecessary. Whether the intelligence was known to be false, which would make Bunnypants a mass murderer, or if he believed in the erroneous intelligence, which makes him a dupe but responsible nonetheless.

The Special Counsel is starting to move on Karl Rove, making him appear for the fourth time, so it doesn't look good for Rove. Should Rove sing and let the nation know that the president knew the Weapons of Mass Destruction was a fairy tale concocted by God only who knows, that would prove the lies came straight from the top of this administration and the house of cards would begin to tumble. Until then, I hope we can hold out on more stupidity for a few years.


Tough as Nails

Trimmed Bush

I don't cry. I really don't. Never have. I'm not trying to say that's a good thing or a bad thing , or I'm a tough guy too tough to cry, but tears just don't emit from my tear ducts very often. I cried when my brother died, and I cried when I found out my non-famililial brother found out he had cancer. When the man died, I was relieved in a way. I didn't even tear up very much. Too much relief on his part, he was in agonizing pain.

Maybe it was something in my childhood, listening to my parents scream at my friends as well as my brother's who were terrible people 'cause the only thing they did was play jazz. Maybe it was the drugs I took during my developmental adolescence, or maybe I should have been a gang member, I heard they are taught not to cry, too much death on a daily basis. They get cold hearts. Sometimes I tear up at some chick flick where everything works out for the couple and their kids, and my girlfriend will start to weep, but I'll just let out a tear or two.

However, when I read the plight reported in the AP News story of the Marine in Iraq whose squad is gone, that got to me on a semi-weepage level. I found it so decimating to one's soul it was probably too much to bare, but I read on about the brave sole survivor. He's the sole survivor of a twelve man squad of Marines, more specifically the 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 25th Regiment from Columbus, Ohio.

The man's name is Travis Williams, Marine Lance Corporal for the above-described squad of Marines. They had been described as one of the tightest squads in the Marines, treating every other man as a brother, as a family in a god-awful situation. And eleven of the dead Marines were the loss of Travis', the sole remaining survivor .

The squad got ambushed by a bunch of motherfucking Iraqi insurgents that rigged a roadside bomb that took out a total of fourteen Marines (three brave men from a different squad also fell). The road had been checked by engineers, trying to ensure the safety of the squad regarding mines and other explosives, however the bomb had been rigged under the road's asphalt, cleverly disguising the explosive device.

Captain Christopher Toland, platoon commader, had an uneasy feeling about the mission on August 3, sweeping into a small village to hunt down insurgents purportedly hanging around the area. Toland said to Travis their mission was was too predictable for the insurgency and he stayed up all night uneasily pacing and talking to other awake squad members. Having his platoon do another dangerous mission in a predictable manner was stupid. Toland must have had a premonition, which, skeptics can call me a dunce, but I believe in. I think the Captain was terrified for his men, but unable to show it due to his unfaltering bravery, and his confidence in his brothers in the fight. Plus, a Captain doesn't show tears during a time like that.

The mission was to go in as an early morning surprise and for twelve hours in 120 degree heat, going house to house, trying to flush out the bad guys. The bomb went off and Travis lost eleven brothers at once. Jesus. I still can't imagine what went through Travis' mind. Think of the mental anguish, then guilt that would set in wondering why was he the only one alive. And where's the Commander-in-Chief to offer his condolences, at the very least?

With Bush's quasi-psychotic callousness to other humans (except unborn fetuses which may or may not be human depending on your point of view), Bush decided not to comment on this this man's bravery. It further proves to me that the capacity of Bush to comprehend the the similarities of Viet Nam and this war seem non-existent. Bush has seen so much fuck up during his beat I imagine he needs some intense threapy. And his ability to cry has been lost due to all the death he's resposible for. His heart has grown cold, even though he purports to be a Christian, yeah, right, you dumbshit flunkie.

But to further leave as his legacy more totalitarian mind control through the judicial process by nominating an evangelical Christian to replace Sandra Day O'Conner in the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers, a woman who, praise Jeezuz!! has been reborn, is revolting. Two far right people (Miers and Roberts) that will be left behind for years to hinder progress of our country is too much for the Constitution to handle.

I hope Biden et.al. on the judicial committee have some epiphanies and come up with questions that will make her say that if the chance arose, she would reverse Roe vs. Wade. I saw the judicial committee try to make Roberts take a stand as he artfully dodged the committee's questions, but there has to be a way to trip them up. I hope so. Otherwise, five years down the road and back alley abortions may return due to federal law.

How does this relate to Travis' loss? It's just I don't think Bush cares much about life on earth. I think his evangelical teachings have taught him the same thing the Taliban's leaders have taught their followers, it will be better on the other side. But what if it's just a one shot-deal? That leaves generations of young people to clean up this mess. "Slackers" was a noun to describe the nineties kids and they're doin' alright, but they had eight years of Bill Clinton, a progressive intelligent intellecual as a presidential legacy. That's one thing the new millenium kids won't have. They'll have years of decompensation, debt to pay, and the increasing reality of nuclear holocaust. When I was younger, there were two superpowers atstaring at each other knowing better than to push any button that would decimate mankind. Now, we have seven and counting. And when the time comes, poof goes our species.


Bush's Policy:Let the Poor Rebuild the Poor

Trimmed Bush

There is a law on the books called the Davis-Bacon Act that requires federal contractors to give workers what is called "prevailing wages", a wage that is way above the $5.15/hr. that exists for"non-prevailing wage' jobs. Essentially it's a law that lets unions get in on the action of the recovery of the City of New Orleans and lets the workers make some decent livable wages, even live at middle to upper middle income levels. Bunnypants used some "extra special double secret" suspension power(few knew about this power, especially the unions) to suspend the Davis-Bacon Act. This means the unions got fucked and recovery contracts will be given to rich guys whose employees will be making minimum wage.

Proponents of the suspension are saying, yay!, it's good for small businesses, it's good for the speed of recovery through the non-use of red tape! It cuts through the bureaucracy! That's a load of horseshit. What Bunnypants did was stick it to union workers, so the contracts given are usually to low-bid contractors. Hence, poverty can return to New Orleans and, mark my words, his cronies will get those contracts and pay their workers minimum wage. Ahh, back to blessed poverty for those underpriveleged. That's the way they should be according to Bunnypants.

Nothing new here. The rich getting richer as the poor get poorer. I'd like to see how many minority owned firms win federal contracts that will be coming down the pike as soon as the hurricane season is over. Remember, folks, the fat lady hasn't even sang on hurricanes quite yet. Rita seemed like a bonafide LSD flashback of Katrina. Pray there aren't more (hurricanes that is , not acid flashbacks).

I wonder if the whole recovery employment scheme will be structured as it is in Iraq. Literally BILLIONS have been spent over there, or I should say charged by Halliburton et.al. (Carlyle Group?, I mean, c'mon, blatant embezzlement of the taxpayers) , and for what? Is Iraq's infrastrucure really back on track? There's a Muslim saying that essentially says don't let a blind man walk without a staff, it might hurt the blind man as well as other people who might get in his way. That's what our current administration has been doing for six years, blind men walking without a staff of political ideas, hurting the whole country as they plow through their fucked up inertia while borrowing more and more money from China, Russia and Japan to pay for everything.

And think of the train wreck that would occur if those loans from our currently friendly allies were called in. Could we pay back the loans? No. Would we pay back the loans? No. What would ensue? Chaos on the order of magnitude this country hasn't seen economically speaking, and possibly much worse. Notice I used the words currently friendly allies. Is it so hard to imagine a day if Russia and China warmed up to each other? Could they benefit from each other eventually enough to become superpowers, as the Soviet Union was mere decades ago?

They could demand to be paid back were they to resume superpower status. I'm not paranoid, but I've delved far enough into the internet to know the Pentagon has documents regarding Sino-Russian counter-offensive attack plans that would blow your mind. I've read them. You can Google for them if you want to read some scary shit. They're some pretty sick motherfuckers who dream up and plan for these types of events.

So Bunnypants, I guess you prayed all your life for the position your in. How does it feel now? Maybe a little lonely at the top? More like the bottom. Even the fools are beginning to catch on with the likes of the Carlyle Group, Halliburton, the Downing Street Memo, the bogus intel that forced us into an unneeded war, the ripping off of U.S.funds, the incompentency of all the current administration, the threat of terrorism that has increased rather than diminish, idiotic Israeli peace plans, global religious wars, viruses yet to be named, this president has proven to be a curse.

Think of what the religious right would be saying about all the destruction that has accompanied George II if Bill Clinton were in office. They would be saying all this was the work of Satan blaming those filthy blow jobs and lewd activities with cigars. But with Bunnypants, it's the work of God and a way for people to come together to help each other out. Mr. President, if you would let the Davis-Bacon Act be, and let some real money go to the recovery projects and the hard working people doing the real work, that might be a beginning for atonement, or maybe at the very least get God off our ass for a couple of years.


Bush's Style: Out of Touch

Trimmed Bush

One can define style as the proper words at the proper places at the proper times. Anyone who saw Bush's "inspirational" speech on Sunday saw that Bush's style is so ludicrous that it makes Jethro Bodine from the Beverly Hillbillies look like Richard Gere on the cover of GQ magazine.

The backdrop of the intact parish and the equestrian statue lit up to the intensity of a Rolling Stones concert in a city that supposedly has no electricity, and the words that ran so shallow from the shell of a human being spewing them forth to the masses was insulting.

It turns out as the whole fucking nation was tracking this huge red blob on the weather channel by the minute and hour, with warnings on every channel, even the U.S. spanish-speaking channels, the president of our country, our Commander-in-Chief, our protector in times of danger, didn't even know about the storm until after it had hit New Orleans. HE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT!!!!!

For comparison, in 1965 when New Orleans got pounded by a category four hurricane, Lyndon Baines Johnson was amongst the "underpriveledged" (Barbarba Bush's words), within eighteen hours, comforting the people with a flashlight, beaming it on his face like a boy scout on a campfire trip making spooky faces, but reassuring the decimated people that help was on the way and he would be there with them in the dark and the cold until the cavalry came. And it came quick, by the second day things were regrouping. This this was forty-one years ago.

That's presidential style. Bush didn't even know about KATRINA. He must have had the biggest brain-fart in recent presidential history, maybe he was on a coke-bender, a Jim Beam-fest, I mean, what was it? It may have been that he was so goddammed ignorant to realize that a huge red swirling mass on a weather map going due west towards a huge metropolitan area is a bad thing. It took him eighteen days and and truckload of krieg lights and a spared parish of which directly behind it was total decimation for his style to emerge. LBJ's took eighteen HOURS for him to be in a shelter with the affected people of New Orleans.

Bunnypant's ratings will be out the window at all time lows now, but folks, and you folks in Louisiana who fell for his religious bullshit, you shouldn't vote for a man that lied to you regarding war. The facts were out there last election. There was no reason for him to be vacationing for the 4th time since April since he hasn't accomplished anything except destruction. You folks who voted for this man should be ashamed for the rest of your lives. I mean, the guy is a failure, how much proof do you need?

By the way, what has the vice-president been doing except gaining weight the past year? He might be meeting with top-notch lawyers to begin his defense on charges of starting an illegal war. It is not time to pity this fatty during his time of bad health and despair. He is a wicked man who pulled an evil stunt that has cost thousands of lives and will continue to be a mess for years to come. It's karma. The golden rule. He'll be in bad shape the rest of his life. The head cheese from Tyco just got 25 years in a New York State Penetentiary. That's like Riker Island. If all goes well and justice is served, Cheney will at the very least get federel time, a little less harsh than state time but no cakewalk.

But back to the president. Don't you think he would have read a newspaper or watched a television? Is the show "The West Wing" that far off base? They supposedly have the inner-workings of a presidential day dramatized, with an exact replica of the oval office and all that. It's just so goddammed incredulous that this dunce didn't know about Katrina. Martin Sheen knew, I'll tell ya that. And his advisors, too.

I resent Bush. The wrongs he has made this nation endure are inexcusable. I resent the fact he took an oath to protect the citizens of our nation. I try to keep my karma in check and try not to hate even a guy like Hussein, but I do hate Hussein and I hate Bush equally. Four years since the attack of this country and there are no plans for another attack. There just isn't anything that would protect us in a case of an attack, another hurricane, or wait till the big one hits Los Angeles. It will make New Orleans seem like a gust of wind. Not ONE FUCKING THING has been done at the federal level. That is not acceptable.

Bush's legacy can be summed up into 12 words: "I came, I saw, I decimated the fuck out of a superpower." I just want to congratulate the fuck out of you idiots who voted for this slug for a first legal term. My only prayer is some Washington hotshot lawyer doesn't call the Democrats on the fact that Bush was never elected in 2000, which would legally make him available for four more years. You want to see the end of destruction? Put him in for four more. He'd be so overwhelmed with the mess he has made of everything he has ever touched, maybe we could get him to be the the first president to go to Jupiter. We have scientists that have the ability to fool him into the voyage, and we could send him off with a great big banner saying "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!" Bon Voyage, Bunnyboy. And I hope Einstein's theory on aging goes haywire with you.


Barbara Bush: A Big Fat Caucasian Cunt

Trimmed Bush

As Babs, aka Barbara Bush, whizzed by the Houston Astrodome in her private charter jet, uttered from twenty-five thousand feet something to the effect that the situation was working very well down there in the Dome because most of the evacuees were underpriviledeged anyway, they wouldn't know the difference. What a slap in the proverbial face for the poor refugees from her neighboring state. What an arrogant disgusting cunt, that lady is. Utterly repulsive.

It's just one more arrogant protuberance from the BFEE of what went wrong during the 2004 elections. Did the underpriviledeged actually not vote, did their votes get dumped as in 2000, I mean, it raises so many questions that I wonder if the "underpriviledeged" were suckered in by all this Christian gobble-de-gook. They might agree with their rich white folks on religion, but when push comes to shove, the Christian right don't give a fuck about poor people.

There were a couple of days I struggled with the question if it was "underpriviledeged" people, including whites, or was it just blacks who were poor being the main reason for delay of The Cavalry. I came to the conclusion from Babs' statement that she has a strong distaste for anyone poor. And these conclusions led to further conclusions, concluding, nobody 'cept the poor and middle class gives a shit about the poor.

Oprah Winfrey, the richest woman on the planet, gave one million dollars to her brothers and sisters from the South. The Sandia Indians here in New Mexico who have been poor for centuries and who have the least blood ties to any of the affected gave 2 million dollars. The tribe is estimated at 300 million dollars. Do the math. The Sandia tribe proved to be much more chartiable than that blow-hard Oprah.

Oprah, who always has made a fortune about telling her sisters, be them black or white, poor and rich alike, about her lifelong struggle and how it made her what she is today. What is that, Oprah? A money-loving chick who can't cough up more than a million bucks? That is giving the equivalent of .0000003 of her worth (I did the math). The Sandias gave .005 as a whole tribe. That's a very generous sum of money going from the poor to the poor. That is a huge disparity in charitable giving, with Oprah being below sea-level on the totem pole of giving .

Although I have given as much as I can, because I love that city and its people, as well as I thought it was my duty to give something, it's hard to decide which charity to support. I gave to the Red Cross simply due to the ease of it. However, I know there are fatcats on the payroll of the Red Cross as well as the Salvation Army. I wish I could give to an organization where I knew they were going to buy a thousand cases of iced cold beer, bar-b-cue pork by the truckloads, potato salad, corn salad, salad salad, chips, live bands with Little Feat and Dr. John headlining, now that's something I think some of the refugees need, one big-assed blow out of a party.

Everyone has been warned about the phishing scams on the net, but to tell you the truth, I haven't gotten more than a couple. They're so easy to spot and you'd have to be a dumbass to give these guys your credit card number for a relief fund. To give anyone your credit card number on the net, you'd better be sure who you're dealing with.

To get to the meat of the matter, if one has the capacity to actually go do work in the affected areas, that is by far the best. Pooring billions upon billions certainly helps in the immediate need, but we all know one can get lacksadaisical about money which can disappear, get misappropriated, and eventually hinder the industry that is needed to start the rebuilding of the city.

The word hope is starting to rear its beatiful tone. Hope has already quickened what seemed insurmountable 12 days ago. I think that word carrys an energy that diffuses amongst the affected. It seems to be a contagious word, as well. It is giving life to the brethren that are still finding bodies in houses and floating in the waters. Some say hope is delusional. I would refer them to 9/11 and how quickly we recovered from that catastrophe.

Maybe I wouldn't be so optimistic if it were Beverly Hills or the other 'hoods that the media have been saying would have been helped quicker. I believe some of that is true, that help would have gotten there sooner,yet I also have spent alot of time in the city of New Orleans, got to know many locals, and there is a spririt among those people that the jaded rich phonies in Beverly Hills will never know. Can you imagine Mardi Gras down Rodeo Drive? Someone might get their Gucci shoes stepped on or their foofy hair do mussed.

I must throw in Bunnypant's remark about how good of job Mike Brown, or "Brownie" as he referred to his pal who had nothing doing being in the head position of FEMA, was doing during one of his first photo-ops. "Brownie" is gone. "Brownie" went bye-bye. So much for BFEE friendship. And what the fuck was the Secretary of Defense doing Photo-opping around town? Hey Rumsfeld, you still have a big fuckin' mess in Bagdad, why don't you go photo-op with some bodybags coming in daily, you prick? This administration is FUCKING BANANAS!!!!! God Bless the Big Easy, and I pray I get to play on Bourbon Street within two years, if not sooner.


No Higher Calling Who and What

Note: I'm staying away from the Katrina situation for now. I have some black friends down there that'll give it to me straight. I played on Bourbon Street every month for about six years as the only white boy in the band. They'll give me the straight dope on the situation. I don't think the cops were looting the city anymore than I think people were breaking into stores for profit. There was FOOD AND WATER in those stores, folks. The media (Fox, CNN,MSNBC, the whole lot of them) say all sorts of conflicting things, which should remind you beware of what is in print or on the telly, most of it is bullshit. When something like Katrina rears it's deadly head, don't believe ANYTHING you read, and don't let the politicians try to spin their unpreparedness. What was Homeland Security doing, just watching the Weather Channel? They sat on their ass for from day one of September, doing nothing but saying the magnitude of this storm was the biggest ever to hit land. That's when the calvary should have moved. Now for some real bullshit...........

Trimmed Bush

Bunnypants further shoved his idiocy into everyone's faces during a recent ad for the U.S. forces ( I believe they've already pulled it it was so outlandish) than there is "no higher calling " than serving in the United States Armed Forces. Sorry, veterans, you have done a job I never could have , but that designates it no "higher" than being a priest, or a jazz musician, or a writer, or poet, or a garbage man. Nobility is an ornament upon which one place's his endeavour. Saying that one job has a higher calling than another comes from the mouth of our current president, which pretty much makes it untrue right at face value.

Goddammit people, you don't have to be anything other than that which you want to be to consider something your "higher calling". If you have a strong propensity to fuck, go be a man/woman-whore. If you have a strong propensity to think about guns, go be a soldier. If you have a propensity for heroin, go be a junkie. It ain't nobody's bizness 'cept your own. You start lettin' your parents or counselors decide what's best for you in your life, you ain't bein' true to your own self, and that's the name of this whole fucking game, boys and girls.

You wanna be a mama and nothing else? I would think there is no higher calling than that, but, if you wanna have a career, go for it. You wanna be a gunner on a rivership that'll make yo' badself happy, do it. Be a pool hustler, or a businessman. You have to decide for yourself.

Some lifestyles and work situations prove to have a longer lasting lifespan than others. Some are more profitable. Some will make you famous, some infamous. But if there were no higher calling than being in the military, why didn't Bunnypants make a career of it? Where are the Bush twins? They're hiding from the armed forces like the plague. You'll never see a politician's son or daughter on the front lines. They're usually too fucked up on champagne and coke, just like their pappies were at that age.

I wonder if any family with a combined income of 125,000 dollars have children in the armed forces. I imagine that is a very rare thing. It's a damn dangerous gig for a young kid straight out of high school. The young man who bags my groceries told me he had joined the Marines and ships off to boot camp about two days after graduation this coming May. He was very excited and I congratulated him and wished him the best. I wondered how I would react if I had a son joining up right now. I don't know if I would congratulate him or try my damndest to dissuade his decision. It's a hard decision, however, I've always said I'd let my kid be whatever they desire.

Hopefully by that time I would have instilled enough information for him to tell the difference between truth and bullshit. Maybe that's the best any parent can teach a young man or woman. Then let them take it from there.


The USA Is A Big Fat Liar

Trimmed Bush

I was reading an article of mine from February, 2004 and realized how many criminally prosecutable bold-faced lies and actions this administration is getting away with, and the amount of dust that seems to just keep being swept under the carpet.

To fully realize the amount of crimes the BFEE has gotten away with, one must start at day one of Bush's first campaign. I know it's foolish to trust politicians. My grandfather told me that. He strongly disliked them , I don't know why, he died when I was ten, yet I remember he had a strong dislike for them. But this genetic dislike has trickled down to my asking others why, when where and how many Iran-Contras, Watergates, Monica's hummers, and other "scandals" of past president this president and others seem to get away with . If there ever was a Slick Willy, Bunnypants takes the fucking cake hands down.

I don't understand the phenomenon because Bunnyboy isn't slick. He's as dumb as the guy in high school who flunked gym class. That's what makes it so incredulous.

His co-horts, former and current, aren't particularly slick in the Bill Clinton way, either. Bill Clinton can work a crowd, let's face it. Although I consider him to be one of the best presidents of the past century, he is still like a used car salesman who could sell ya a junker and still feel for your repairs you might have to make thirty days later.

I think Colin Powell is going to have to come back and face some charges of going to the U.N. with a total piece of bullshit that helped lead us into war, if he wants to truly fess up. He's not really slick. He just was fucked by his own superiors.

Cheney is devious as hell, but I don't consider him slick. I knew he was lying from the git-go. I think it's the people and the "liberal" press that are helping these people get away with lies and high crimes. What if Hillary Clinton had written a trashy novel like Lynn Cheney did a couple of decades ago? The Christian right was either unaware she wrote that sleaze (doubtful) or there is just some sort of inexplicable buffer that shields these people such as Ms. Cheney. And the fact their daughter is a lesbian , and somewhat of an activist, doesn't she have something like a "Right Wing Dyke Club" or something along those lines? Why does Pat Robertson not want to shoot her? And the Pat Robertson's calling for a covert assanitation of the Venezuelan leader never hit page one. Yeah, a real right wing press we have. Pat should be up on charges as well.

Donald Rumsfeld has proven to be an enemy of the people on so many indictable counts that I could write an indictment for a grand jury, yet he's still telling people things are going as planned. And Middle America still believes him. Are people that ignorant, misinformed, or just stubborn that their Christian Prez is making men die by the thousands in the name of the lord?

The United States was so goddammed unprepared when we went that it was pitiful. Colonel Richard Hunt, now retired, said he called for 400,00 troops before invasion. Powell was calling for at least for 300,000, just for the reason that what is happening : Insurgencies popping up like, uh, poppy flowers. Yet Slick Bunnywad seemed to get his way.

How did the Downing Street Memo get brushed aside so quick. Here was a memo saying all the intel was outdated, useless, yada yada yada, you know, the shit we heard over and over, yet they used it as fresh intel. The issue of a memo wasn't hot news when there was a blond in distress in Aruba. It went away in a week.

Halliburton has raped the U.S. economy to the point of total insanity. See Bartcop.com for an ongoing account of Halliburton's sins, and they're the only E-zine I know that KEEPS UP WITH THE INSANITY!!!!! CNN, all the majors, most of the minors, and no other e-zines I have seen have kept a running account of the billions of dollars Halliburton has sucked from Iraq. They just don't care or don't have time till the latest greatest shit just poured down, which they need to send to a rporter to tell everyone everything is going as planned..

High crimes and misdemeanors is a full blown charge to a president. I wish I had the power to get it on the books somehow. You know he's guilty, you Republicans. He's a sick-assed flunkie who has totally destroyed two countries. I just pray there are only two that he fucks up. With his policies, a world war could easily ejaculate. But then, he'd have three years of being a nothing prez. I hope we can get through three more years before Armageddon.


Bush's Legacy:Religious Dogma and War

Trimmed Bush

I wonder if the people who voted for Bush's second term/ first election, if they really believed the religious part of his schlamiel/schlamozzle, or if they really thought he would be a better leader during wartime. Either way, they were dead wrong, but the reason I bring this up is because I had a debate with a good friend of mine who is now Republican all the way, and he is a Christian (five years ago he was a quart of vodka/day drunken pothead pain-killer addict, go figure).

Five years ago he was polar opposite, politically and religiously. Although we don't remain as close, physically in locale or on ideas, including art, music, books, etc., we have grown apart on several issues. Like, I'm still a quart a day/vodka pothead painkiller agnostic (that was for humor in case my girlfriend reads this), and he used to be an atheist. I have always been somewhat agnostic, and I could respect his atheism. He had in the past always respected my agnosticism. The problem now lies in the fact I respect his Christianity but he doesn't respect my agnosticism. Go figure.

He told me that he voted for Bush because he thought Bush was a good religious man who would do this country good. We had had late night reveries in the factual agreement that religion had nothing to do with politics, and would usually interfere with each other, i.e. communism outlawing Christianisty and The Anglican Church outlawing , well, anything that pissed off a king. But then he married a wealthy Republican, who I now see as his "Holy Ghost" type of experience.

My friend's turnabout resulted after four years of living in a Banana Republic and watching Bunnypants literally destroy a country, our country. He came from Communist Poland several years ago and married a wealthy woman here in the states who I'm sure helped him kick some of his bad thoughts of atheism mighty quickly, yet how does one kick atheism? I asked him if he had had a "Holy Ghost" experience or anything along those lines and he replied no, but he felt after the birth of his son he thought there must be a higher power. I think there's most likely a higher power by just getting away with some of the shit I pulled when I was younger, but it still doesn't prove a higher power. I think the "change" in my friend's past aesthetic and religious views were his wife's influence, whhich isn't necessarily a good thing or a bad thing, except when it comes to this formerly enlightened guy now espousing Bush as as a progressive.

To take this a step further, it seems to me that when people who get into high political positions start believing they were appointed by higher powers, usually subscribe to a religious "dogma du jour". Constantine went all out with his belief of Christ and it was best back then you'd better go along with his belief or big trouble was comin' 'round the corner. Cities were named after him in the name of his new found religiosity and atheists and pagans were best to duck and cover.

Hell, Bush and his cohorts aren't too far away from re-naming this country Bushtantinople. Every guy he's appointed or named in a top position is a Christian. Is there something wrong with that? Fuck yes there is something wrong with that. Christianity has turned into a religion that business fatcats can hide behind when they get caught doing their sins they preach about on Sundays, like when Jim Baker fucked that skank down in Alabama and went to jail for bilking his followers for millions, or Jimmy Swaggart crying all over his television cameras about his rendevous with an eighteen year old whore. They use it as a cover for hypocrisy.

Let's not forget when Charles Keating and the Keating Five (whom John McCain was one, how quickly we forget) who were responsible for the bilking of billions upon billions of dollars from savings and loans institutions, and George Herbert Bush (bush#1) made the taxpayers come to Keating's rescue so our economy wouldn't collapse, hell old Charles was a fire-and-brimstone sort of guy.

They hide in the Middle America belief of something as unlikely as a virgin birth, or a man raising up from the dead, through the twisted verbal account of an ex- whore. Is this reasonable, people? Has anything positive occurred unless it has been based upon reason? I'm not denying there are religious organizations that help the poor, or some people who have believed in religions like Mother Theresa and the Pope have done good in their lives, but for every Mother Theresa or Pope, there have been ten Hitlers in the name of religion.

Which is why it's so dangerous to pack courts full of one religion. How many Muslims has Bush appointed to a position? There are extremely intelligent Muslim men fully capable, well, of his position, for that matter. I would just hate tolerance or freedoms begin to disappear more than they have due to the most dumb-assed president this country has ever encountered. Remember, we have almost three more years of this guy. Better watch him closely as we have seen the damage he can do in five years.


Bernard Goldberg Is A Wieny

Trimmed Bush

On August 11, 2005, Bernard Goldberg, ex-correspondent turned dickhead pundit, appeared on the 7:30 - 8:00 a.m. segment touting his new book entitled " The Top 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America". Essentially he said that these people were responsible for fucking up America, and to paraphrase, that we were all going to hell in a hand-basket if these people didn't get with the "red" states "Middle America", and cut out the nonsense that occurs on, his words, not mine, "paranthetical "blue coasts" ".

He qualified this statement saying if both blue coasts were to get in touch and eliminate the "disconnect" (which is a verb, Bernard, not a noun, you idiot), a new pundit buzzword, between the blue states and the red states, then everyone would probably be ok, but those elite people in the blue states were out of touch with reality and were fucking up America. Well, I think it's the polar opposite.

The people in the red states have always had about a three to-five time year lag when it comes to politics, music, fashion, fads, you name it. It's just that farmboys in Kansas aren't gonna be the hip young guys, not because there dumb, it's more of an information lag-time.

Yeah, Bernard, those scientists in Boston/Cambridge, and the San Francisco/Oakland Bay area, and Madison, Wisconsin, at the University of Wisconsin, and Austin, Texas, at the University of Texas, and Stanford and UCLA and CUNY, and Princeton, all those damn liberal bastions of depravity where they are working on curing cancer, heart disease, engineering the impossible, exploring artificial intelligence, debating the string theory, wondering if this is the theory that can explain the whole universe, yeah, Bernie, these places ought to be shut down. Let's return to good old-fashioned ignorance. Why don't we try to outlaw these damn elite blue states. Hell, we wouldn't have ever gotten out of Viet Nam if it wasn't for those good ole boy red states who wanted to keep the war goin' so their defense conglomerates could continue making weapons of mass destruction(that was an attempt at irony.......).

Yeah, those blue coast people are involved in different types of activities than, oh, say the drunk-assed hillbillies in eastern Kentucky selling oxycontins to Rush Limbaugh via his live-in maid, or the KKK down in Alabama who haven't quite figured the black man was set free well over a century ago. If Goldberg thinks these red states are like Norman Rockwell paintings, then he needs to go to some town like Gilbertsville, Alabama and register with his last name, then see what kind of southern hospitality he gets. Hell, there'll be banners up on Main Street saying "We Got Us A Jew At The Hotel Lester Maddox!!".

The "blue coasts" and "blue states" are and always have been places where PROGRESS occurs. If you want to call progress elitist, go ahead. But when your heart pump goes out, I'd sure thank those evil-doers who have figured out how to essentially non-intrusively go into your heart and repair damaged tissue. Or when you come down with prostate cancer, your chance of survial is quite good for survival (75% cure rate). Or when your mother breaks her hip, she'll remain mobile thanks to the plasic hip replacement resulting from research that goes on in these damned elitist communities.

Bernie said there's nothing he can do when he's with his children and some show like "Will and Grace" comes on and there's nothing one can do about it. Or when gangsta rap comes on MTV and there's nothing you can do about. Sure there is. Turn that shit off and turn your kids on to orchestral music and jazz, that have always been on the blue coasts and usually take some time before it emanates to Middle America. It's been this way for at least 75 years. Bernie, crank up some Louis Armstrong and have a gas with your kids. They'll love it.

The only music to come out of Middle America is Country, Western, and Country and Western, that music that worships getting drunk, beating up your wife, fighting in bars, getting "tatted", in reality scarred with tattoos, and honky-tonkin' their lives away until they need a kidney transplant developed by those awful blue states. Oh, I almost forgot bluegrass, whose father of this music was Bill Monroe, a known racist/separatist, who hated black people, or any people other than his fair-skinned brothers.

I had to look at this list for myself that Goldberg came up with, so I threw on some jeans and a tee-shirt and went down to the local newsstand and browsed through his book. Almost every lady or gentleman listed was a Democrat or Independent or "Other". There were a couple of Republicans, but not very many. Al Franken was number 37, which I thought Franken would at least make Goldberg's top ten due to Al's frankness about how big of fool Goldberg is.

Almost every Republican in the nation is starting to re-evaluate the current administration, including Middle America. Goldberg must be one of the guys that'll go to his grave saying that George W. Bush is not a war criminal, and that he was an excellent president in the face of the terrorists. He's an ex-reporter, for god's sake. He ought to know, and realize what is really going on.

The Republicans have fucked up everything they have touched, period. There are literally billions upon billions of dollars missing from this mess of a war we're in. Doesn't that seem odd? I mean, that would take more than a storage locker or two to stash billions of dollars into. Are they marked in $100 bills or $20 bills?Either way, it takes alot of space unless it's cooked into books. Hallibuton's hands are so dirty it will take years to figure out their cooked books, and where the money was funneled, but you might as well start at the top and work down, which would make Bunnypants our starting point.

From there, Cheney would be Number Two ( hell, Uncka Dick is Number One in reality but not structurally ), and from there just go down the line until someone sings like a canary. Then you proceed over to the Pentagon and the CIA, and find out if Bush was misled or if Bush misled the United States. Either way he should be held responsible. A man should be judged by his actions, not by words or rhetoric or anything else. Judge him by his actions , then judge the consequences of those actions. He's a war criminal, period. The Iraquis had nothing to do with 9/11. Nothing. If Bush got suckered, he should own up to that. He wouldn't be the first. What this administration has gotten away with so far is beyond the Twilight Zone.

What happened to the Karl Rove story? This guy leaked a covert agent to the press and Fox News never even raised a question about it. What about the vote count in Ohio, where the head cheese overseeing the elections was an ex-campaign manager for Dubya Bunnypants? Ohio was won by a very narrow margin, as was the national vote count resulting in the disaster we're in. If Ohio went to Kerry by literally a few thousand votes, we'd be in a totally different situation. Do you think Kerry would put John Bolton, an antagonistic son-of-a-bitch, into the United Nations at a delicate point in history in which we need to mend some relationships with major economies in Europe and the Middle East?

Would Kerry appoint an extreme right -wing man to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court? There needs to be balance in our Republic or the thing gets out of hand and one party's ideology becomes so dominant that it takes years to get back on an even keel. Right now the chief obstacle in the progress of our country is the Republican right and all their big biz cohorts. It's ironic that the Christian right votes Republican when it says very plainly in their holy book that it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. I think Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson decided that this passage was inserted into the bible by some blue state, somewhere, somehow.

Bernard Goldberg is just another sensationalistic writer who makes his millions by all the dumbfucks who buy and BELIEVE his rhetoric. There's a market for that kind of low-brow bullshit that is equal in intellectual capacity to the people who read Jackie Collin's books. But it's time for the majority of Middle America realize their sons and daughters are dying daily and enough is enough. Middle America is not Bernie Goldberg. Do you think if he had a son that his son would be in Iraq? Fuck no! He's too clever selling his dumbassed books to the people who's sons and daughters go and serve, and die. Bernard, are your children in the armed forces right now? Hmmmm?? I didn't think so.